November 9, 2013 admin

What Mistakes You are Making?

Here are some of the common mistakes that we do during piano removal.
We don’t know how much a Piano Weighs
We may know how to play the scales on a piano, but what we don’t know is how heavy it is. This is the first mistake that we make. As a result, we end up making more mistakes. If you don’t know how much your piano weighs, you can’t figure out how you can move it safely.
By knowing the exact weight, we can make a suitable plan while moving our piano. Moreover, we need to know how to navigate our piano through different passageways such as doors, corridors or even stairs.
Relying on the Inexperienced People
In order to save some bucks, we take the assistance of our friends or ask for help from the neighbors during piano removal. Since moving a piano requires 4 to 5 people, we try to collect as many helping hands as we can.
Although we gather the required number of people to assist us, they are not the right people. In fact, they may cause you more trouble than helping you. The weight of an average piano makes it difficult to move it even a few inches. So by simply lifting it up won’t allow it to remove it safely. In addition, if your helpers couldn’t lift it properly or throw it down, the consequences would be drastic.

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