March 10, 2019 admin

What Mistakes do you make During Piano Removal?

In fact, we are used to doing things ourselves in a DIY manner. We don’t hesitate to handle even bigger tasks like piano removal. By doing so, we can save some money but will put the safety of our valuable asset at risk.
Most people think that muscle power is the only requirement to remove a piano. Hence, they ask their friends or family members to give them a helping hand. As a result, they end up damaging their piano or any other household item.
Piano has 88 keys, this is what most of us know, but the thing that there is 10,000 part in a piano is something that we had never heard of in our entire life. While moving a piano at our own, we may damage any one of these parts or affect its performance.
On the contrary, when a team of trained professionals is handling the task, they do it the right way. They have the experience and expertise to carefully remove a piano without any trouble or damaging it.

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