January 20, 2020 admin

Convenient Transfer of Your Special Piano with AB Piano Movers

As much as melodious the sound of the piano is, the body of this instrument is super heavy and large. Being a delicate instrument, the piano often breaks when dragged or moved improperly. Many long Distance Piano Removals London companies claim to offer easy and quick piano moving and relocation services. However, they end up breaking the device.

Many people invest in grand pianos that weigh as much as 500 kilograms. Moving such piano from one room to the other is a super-challenging task, let alone the relocation and installation process. Your heavy piano may not show signs of damage from the outside. But if disassembled or moved the wrong way, the tunes will be affected. The sad fact is that not even a piano specialist can fix the tone and make it work the way it did earlier.

How Far Does it Need to be Moved?

People often overlook piano removal until they realize that their piano is way too big to fit in the car. Like furniture, the piano needs safe removal. Only a professional moving company such as Piano Removals Surrey can execute the job safely. These Baby Grand Piano Movers disassemble the piano and carry it safely out of the home. Once it is brought out, they load it into the truck and drive the piano to its new location safely.

In some cases, the piano needs to be disassembled in order to be moved out of the apartment. For example, you can’t move the piano through a narrow staircase or an apartment with a narrow corridor. The Piano Movers North London will assess the piano to see if the parts can be disassembled. If the piano is too delicate to be disassembled, professionals use a crane to get the instrument out of the window.

Move the Piano Safely

Piano Removals London company helps you with the packaging, disassembling, moving, relocating, and installation services. Their job starts with disassembling. They ensure that each part is loaded into the truck and delivered at its new location safely. The job of Piano Movers London is to balance the instrument in a manner that no tunes are damaged.

Hiring a professional Piano Removals Kent company is essential for safe transportation of this delicate and heavy equipment to its new place. AB Piano Movers is the leading piano moving company that guarantees a safe and quick piano transportation job.