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Convenient Transfer of Your Special Piano with AB Piano Movers

As much as melodious the sound of the piano is, the body of this instrument is super heavy and large. Being a delicate instrument, the piano often breaks when dragged or moved improperly. Many long Distance Piano Removals London companies claim to offer easy and quick piano moving and relocation services. However, they end up breaking the device.

Many people invest in grand pianos that weigh as much as 500 kilograms. Moving such piano from one room to the other is a super-challenging task, let alone the relocation and installation process. Your heavy piano may not show signs of damage from the outside. But if disassembled or moved the wrong way, the tunes will be affected. The sad fact is that not even a piano specialist can fix the tone and make it work the way it did earlier.

How Far Does it Need to be Moved?

People often overlook piano removal until they realize that their piano is way too big to fit in the car. Like furniture, the piano needs safe removal. Only a professional moving company such as Piano Removals Surrey can execute the job safely. These Baby Grand Piano Movers disassemble the piano and carry it safely out of the home. Once it is brought out, they load it into the truck and drive the piano to its new location safely.

In some cases, the piano needs to be disassembled in order to be moved out of the apartment. For example, you can’t move the piano through a narrow staircase or an apartment with a narrow corridor. The Piano Movers North London will assess the piano to see if the parts can be disassembled. If the piano is too delicate to be disassembled, professionals use a crane to get the instrument out of the window.

Move the Piano Safely

Piano Removals London company helps you with the packaging, disassembling, moving, relocating, and installation services. Their job starts with disassembling. They ensure that each part is loaded into the truck and delivered at its new location safely. The job of Piano Movers London is to balance the instrument in a manner that no tunes are damaged.

Hiring a professional Piano Removals Kent company is essential for safe transportation of this delicate and heavy equipment to its new place. AB Piano Movers is the leading piano moving company that guarantees a safe and quick piano transportation job.

Piano packing before move

Piano is a large, heavy, bulky and also we can say that having an awkward shape. But along with all that features it is also a very precious instrument as well so it need extra care when you are moving it either in home or either from one place to another or shifting anywhere internationally.

Piano cover sheet:

As the instrument is very precious so you must take good care of it while moving it. So you need its special covers to wrap it. You can use blankets and pads or you can also use bubble covers. The covers should be specially designed according to your piano need. So when you cover it you will not face any difficulty and wrap safely. You also need professionals to wrap piano in a proper way because it requires a lot of delicate handling for its protection.

Piano movers London

Piano removal in London

London Piano movers

Things you should know while moving the piano

Before you move the piano at the desired location you must have to go through the different aspects which is ultimately necessary for the piano movers.


If you are going to take the piano at your home first you have to search out the nearest professional piano movers. If you hire the nearest piano professionals. It reduces the piano moving cost.

Do some Research

Before you go any further and hire a piano mover, make sure to do your homework. Try to get
as much information as you can by utilizing different means. You can search the web, talk to
your friend or go out and meet the company representatives offering piano moving services.
By doing so, you can get an idea which company appears to be a reliable one. Ask some of the
most renowned piano movers London about the procedure they follow when moving a piano.
Give them all the information about the brand of your piano, its size, and weight (if possible).
Moreover, you should also tell them whether the piano is located on the ground floor or on the
first or second floor of your house. This will allow the service provider to judge the amount of
labor required and share with you the cost of such a task.

Choosing a Reliable Piano Movers London

If you are living in London and own a piano, this is the article for you. Normally, people do care about their piano and they try everything to keep it in good shape. However, when it comes to moving a piano, most of the people try to do it by themselves.
Piano is a delicate musical instrument that needs special attention and skill when moving it from one place to another. Hence, it would be appropriate to contact the reliable piano movers London for this purpose. In order to find such a service provider, you need to consider few essential aspects.
Here we will discuss the things that you should always keep in mind while hiring piano movers.

What Mistakes do you make During Piano Removal?

In fact, we are used to doing things ourselves in a DIY manner. We don’t hesitate to handle even bigger tasks like piano removal. By doing so, we can save some money but will put the safety of our valuable asset at risk.
Most people think that muscle power is the only requirement to remove a piano. Hence, they ask their friends or family members to give them a helping hand. As a result, they end up damaging their piano or any other household item.
Piano has 88 keys, this is what most of us know, but the thing that there is 10,000 part in a piano is something that we had never heard of in our entire life. While moving a piano at our own, we may damage any one of these parts or affect its performance.
On the contrary, when a team of trained professionals is handling the task, they do it the right way. They have the experience and expertise to carefully remove a piano without any trouble or damaging it.

What Mistakes You are Making?

Here are some of the common mistakes that we do during piano removal.
We don’t know how much a Piano Weighs
We may know how to play the scales on a piano, but what we don’t know is how heavy it is. This is the first mistake that we make. As a result, we end up making more mistakes. If you don’t know how much your piano weighs, you can’t figure out how you can move it safely.
By knowing the exact weight, we can make a suitable plan while moving our piano. Moreover, we need to know how to navigate our piano through different passageways such as doors, corridors or even stairs.
Relying on the Inexperienced People
In order to save some bucks, we take the assistance of our friends or ask for help from the neighbors during piano removal. Since moving a piano requires 4 to 5 people, we try to collect as many helping hands as we can.
Although we gather the required number of people to assist us, they are not the right people. In fact, they may cause you more trouble than helping you. The weight of an average piano makes it difficult to move it even a few inches. So by simply lifting it up won’t allow it to remove it safely. In addition, if your helpers couldn’t lift it properly or throw it down, the consequences would be drastic.

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We don’t have the Right Skills or Equipment

The piano movers are not heavyweight champions or weight lifters who will come and lift your piano on their shoulders. What makes them different are their skills and special equipment. They follow a proper plan depending on the size, weight, and type of piano. They secure the piano by covering it with protective cover and put straps around it to hold it tightly.

We are in a Hurry during Piano Removal

Piano Removal requires care and patience. We are not aware of both these aspects and try to remove the piano as quickly as we can. This makes things even more dangerous for the safety of the piano. As a result, we may end up injuring ourselves, the helpers or destroying the delicate parts of the piano.

Ask your Piano Movers London how they Work

Moving a piano is relatively different from any kind of moving strategy. Most of the experienced piano movers take good care of your piano when moving it. They will first pack your piano in a perfect manner to ensure the safety of its exterior. Piano is not only a musical instrument but a beautiful piece of art.
Therefore, it is essential to protect its appearance from any type of scratches and bruises. By packing it properly while moving, any chances of damaging its exterior are minimized. In addition, the delicate parts of you piano also require special care. The movers use specific equipment and protective shield to secure almost every inch of your piano.
If your piano movers London ensure this level of care for your piano, then you can be sure that your valuable asset is in good hands. Hence, Ask you piano movers how they will shift your piano and what type of preventive measures they will take.