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AB Piano Movers offers one of the fastest long-distance piano removals London services. We have special removal tools that speed up the Piano relocation process. We get your piano into the moving truck and have it delivered and installed at its new location. The process is carried out with caution so that your piano reaches the new location safely.

We, at AB Piano Movers, bring professional movers who also specialize in disassembling the piano. The piano is then brought to the warehouse. We ensure proper and tight packaging to keep this music instrument safe. Our packaging professionals wrap the system with neutral pH cotton cover for advanced safety.

Long Distance Piano Removals London

Based in Surrey, Kent, and North London; our comprehensive piano moving solution is designed to cater to the residential units and instrument companies. From packaging to installation, we carry out all the tasks safely. We have access to the latest piano moving equipment and tools that are specifically designed to make the piano packaging, moving, delivering, and relocation job a whole lot easier and safer.

We take great care of your musical instrument and ensure that the system is relocated at the desired location in the shortest possible time. Once you hand over the job to AB Long distance piano movers London, you can rest assured that your piano will be installed at its new location safely. We take responsibility for your piano parts and guarantee a safe relocation.

Baby Grand Piano Movers

The piano is large, delicate, and hefty equipment. It needs careful relocation and installation. The job becomes much more complicated for people living in an apartment. Our baby grand piano movers company specializes in disassembling your piano parts so that they can be carried out of your apartment easily. We make a proper plan and execute the process after taking your home and piano’s delicacy into consideration.

Our primary goal is to move the piano without causing harm to any part of the instrument. No matter how small your apartment is, we get your piano moved out of your building safely. Our professionals load it into the truck and drive it safely to its new location.

Fast moving service

Fast moving service

Piano moving equipments are tools or devices needed to facilitate easy and fast relocation of piano either from its base into the moving truck or from the truck to the desired location where the piano is to be stationed or installed in the house.

Secure checklist

Secure checklist

It’s important to know the exact condition of your piano before moving company comes to load it on the truck. A helpful measure taking pictures. Worst case scenario, if something did happen to your piano you have proof to show insurance companies.

Packing service

Packing service

We then employ a professional piano mover to stabilize and disassemble your piano and bring it to our warehouse. The keyboard cover and lid are secured followed by wrapping the piano with neutral pH cotton batting for safety

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Piano Removals & Long Distance Piano Mover in Surrey, Kent & London | Grand & Baby Grand Piano Movers

Some words about us

We provide comprehensive and professional packing, piano removal and relocation services. We endeavor to make sure that you will find efficient, safe and affordable services.

Our certified and insured piano movers not only provide reliable piano packing and moving, but they also specialise in piano relocation. So, London based piano movers can efficiently pack, move, deliver and relocate your valuable pianos and its organs with great care. We have all the latest tools and equipments to protect your piano.


Our aim is to provide quality packing and moving services to our clients in timely and cost effective manner. With the significant experience of years, we are proudly facilitating to thousands of homes, corporate and military clients

  • Fully Insured
  • Professional Services

10 Years of experience

Our dedicated experts have extensive experience, so they understand the peculiarities and complications of different types and brands of pianos and its organs.

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Once you have prepared a list of highly professional and reliable piano movers London, the next step is to compare their charges. Even at this stage, you need to consider the quality of services a company can ensure.
By just looking at the price you can’t judge the quality of work you can expect from a service provider. Hence, you need to keep in mind both these elements. While contacting a company, ask them how they charge.
Normally, some companies charge an hourly rate, while others settle for fixed charges for the assignment. If you can find a company that is asking for an affordable fee per hour, you can go for it. However, a fixed price can be more affordable if you can negotiate with such a company.

What plan they have

Make sure to talk to your piano removal London company about the plan. If you live in an apartment, piano removal may turn out to be a nightmare. Hence, the company must have a plan to execute.

Whether the Team of Movers is well trained

Removing a piano is something that you can’t expect from an ordinary moving company. This is so as, this instrument is heavy, delicate, and big too. Therefore, while negotiating with a service provider,

How Much time they Take

Another important thing to ask your piano removal London company is the overall time of operation. Normally, this may take a day or two depending on the location where the piano is located.

piano removal London

If you are living in a house with plenty of space to move things around, it will not be difficult to complete the piano removal task within few hours. On the contrary, removing a piano through tight places can take more time or cause damage to the instrument.

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